Gossiping Heifers Podcast: The Black Dollar

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         Special guest Miguel Pilgram

On this episode of the Gossiping Heifers, we welcome special guest, Miguel Pilgram. Lottery winner who invested his winnings in business and renovation of a historical black neighborhood in Florida. Reverend Right is back with his church announcements for Thanksgiving. Another round of the Ethnic Guess game with our homey, Brooklyn. On the Bitch Fit, last minute plans don’t work. On Netflix and Chill, we are talking about the film “Imperial”. What would you do if your partner’s ex sent you a friend request? Are you going to be a bridesmaid?Some things you may want to consider when you are asked to be a Bridesmaid.

The Republican National Committee is pulling out of a joint fundraising agreement with GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore. Steve Bannon expressed that he understands the problems that black business owners face in growing their businesses, and believes his political agenda can help solve them. College campuses face #weknowwhatyoudid behind sexual assaults on campus. Victims of hurricane Harvey are experiencing theft of new electronics and appliances that was donated to them or that they’ve had to buy after experiencing so much lost. Facebook has a new way to try and combat revenge porn: send them your nude photos. The hands-off holiday is colloquially called “No Nut November,” when men and women vow not to masturbate for 30 days.

NFL sponsor Papa John’s now says it supports the rights of NFL players to protest racial inequality after it was massively criticized for blaming their dip in sales on players who took a knee (or a seat) during the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick has been named GQ’s 2017 ‘Citizen of the Year’ for their annual Men of the Year issue. Judge Genece Brinkley is reportedly being investigated by the FBI for possible relationships she might have in Philly — including to a local music mogul she allegedly asked Meek to sign with — as well as a possible “extortionate demand”. Singer Chrisette Michelle been going through a lot lately, and social media puts her on blast over her single “Black Lives Matter”. Tyrese Gibson will be representing himself in court unless he finds another attorney as his ex-wife requests a mental evaluation from the court due to his recent outbursts.

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