A Year of Sprinkles – Gossiping Heifers on the Jonathan Sprinkles Show

                                                              Jonathan Sprinkles

It was a year ago when the Gossiping Heifers met Jonathan Sprinkles. Jonathan is a man on a mission on spreading his powerful and positive influence to help millions. Jonathan wears the hats of keynote speaker, coach, consultant and a radio personality.  Jonathan started his radio show on Houston’s Amazing 102.5 FM, airing right before the Gossiping Heifers show.

After a year of broadcasting, Jonathan has had many great interviews, inspiration and given his audience empowerment. We were asked by Jonathan to swing by the studio early to help him celebrate his one year anniversary. Needless to say, we had a blast! We have truly come to admire and honored to call Jonathan a friend of the heifers.

      4th December 2017


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