The Gossiping Heifers Podcast “Sweet Alabama”

This episode we welcome back Rev. Right with the church announcements for the holidays. What happens when both heifers are not acknowledged? Find out on this week’s “Bitch Fit”. The Ethnic Guess game is back with the homey Brooklyn. Netflix and Chill, we are talking about Beyond the Pines. Our Ask a Heifer letter, “He thinks we talk too much”. Jigga of the week, Alex Harrison for his over the top punishment on his daughter.

Alabama now has a Democratic, Doug Jones, beating Roy Moore with the black vote. Guess it did not help to be interviewed by a 12 year old. Trump shows more sexist behavior on twitter. Omarosa is FIRED or did she resign? The viral video of Keaton Jones not only reveals the effects of bullying, but exposes his mother’s racist behavior. Patti LaBelle talks Luther Vandross’ sexual status. Steve Harvey is being sued for failure of payments. Will Mary J. Blige be able to sit down with soon to be ex-husband and make an arrangement? Russell Simmons and Tavis Smiley under fire for sexual allegations. R Kelly’s Atlanta home is cleaned out!

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